Yosemite Park

Certainly, one can spend a lifetime, as Ranger Sharsmith did, exploring Yosemite National Park, but whether you’re here for one day or seven, we’ve put together some Yosemite National Park info to make the most of your Yosemite visit. Be sure to take full advantage of our helpful suggested itineraries and activities!

Need some guidance on planning a Yosemite National Park and California vacation? It’s not surprising if you’re overwhelmed by what to do, as you’re about to visit one of the largest, most diverse destinations in the United States. Thankfully, Yosemite’s central location makes it easy to explore many other areas of California.


  • El Portal – 0.5 Hours
  • Mariposa – 1 Hour
  • Oakhurst – 1 Hour
  • Fresno – 2 Hours
  • Merced – 2 Hours
  • Mammoth Lakes* – 2.75 Hours
  • Mammoth Lakes** – 7 Hours
  • Monterey – 4 Hours
  • Sacramento – 4 Hours
  • San Francisco – 4 Hours
  • San Jose – 4 Hours
  • Reno* – 5 Hours
  • Reno** – 6 Hours
  • San Luis Obispo – 5 Hours
  • Los Angeles – 6 Hours
  • Las Vegas – 9 Hours

Get the weather and traffic conditions before you set out on your Yosemite National Park adventure. Additionally, you’ll be happy to know that we do offer pet friendly accommodations at our Yosemite region resorts and your special family members are welcome at the national park in certain areas. Please feel free to contact our knowledgeable, area-savvy professionals for further Yosemite information.

*June through October
**November through May